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2018 May 17


African Americans in Transportation

The Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Historical Society have teamed up to present annual programs for Black History Month, focusing on African Americans in transportation. 

Prior Programs

African American History in Ports and Waterways

Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, 11:30 a.m.

Watch a video of the program here. 
Join us as we celebrate the many skills of early African American voyagers, explorers and pioneers, their contributions to the movement of goods, and the significant role they played in building relationships between and among peoples.


  • Indigenous and African Drum/Dance
  • Theatrical Interpretation of George Bonga and the first family of Fur Trading in the Lake Superior Region with actor 
    Brian Grandison 
  • Panel Discussion/Q&A with:

-Peter Rachleff of Macalester College, Professor of labor, African American, and immigration history; 
-David Riehle, organizer, activist and writer on labor history of African Americans in Minnesota;
-Bill Carter, American Indian community advocate;
-Carlyle Brown, actor and playwright of “Boundary Waters"

The discussion will focus on early African American settlements in Minnesota and Wisconsin; Commerce, including fur and lumber trading posts and ports; Post-Civil War relationships of African Americans and American Indians; and early transportation, from canoes to boats to steamers to ships.
Wed., Feb. 13, 2013, Minnesota History Center
In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate African Americans and their contributions to the railroad industry, looking at the rail experience from the perspective of the Pullman Porters, wait staff and mail bag grabbers whose occupations helped to spur the black middle class of St. Paul known as the Rondo Community. The program will examine how the contributions of unsung heroes of yesterday helped to forge advantages for today’s industry. Panel discussion participants include: 
Gary Nelson, a 42 year employee of the Great Northern Railway; Bill Wilson, former waiter on the Empire Builder;  Robert P. {Bobby} Hickman, former railway waiter and nephew of Gordon Parks; and Victoria Hopwood, daughter of Reginald Hopwood, a former waiter on the Empire Builder from the 1930’s until his retirement in 1972.

African Americans in Aviation: Then and Now
Wednesday, Feb. 29, 2012, Minnesota History Center

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate African Americans in aviation. This panel discussion will offer personal aviation stories of success, triumphs and defeat from Woodson M. Fountain, Northwest Airlines’ first African-American pilot; and Mamie Langford Singleton, Youth Initiative Aviation Academy's Executive Director.